Watch Kim on HGTV

For several years I was the featured decorator on the hit HGTV show Decorating Cents. I did the Redesign segment. This is where I take the homeowners existing furnishings and give them a fresh, new look with what they already own. The transformations are amazing!

Move from Small to Larger Home Crystal Ranch  / San Francisco

The homeowner moved from a small home into a larger one, and sought creative insights for arranging the furniture to take advantage of the bigger space and the dramatic vaulting ceilings.

Young Couple’s L Shaped Living Room / Chicago

The couple was only utilizing one section of the L shaped living room.  With the new redesign I created a TV area and cozy sitting space – taking full advantage of the entire living room.

 Behind the scenes scoop…We are on the top floor of an old apartment building with no air-conditioning.  It’s over 95 degrees and with the added production lighting it was a hot, humid 12 hour shoot.

House with Steinway Piano / San Francisco

This living room has several focal points: a Steinway piano, great views and a stone fireplace.  The Steinway was stuffed in the corner and the furniture was pushed up against the walls.  The redesign highlights all three focal points and creates the perfect conversation area.

Behind the scenes scoop… while we were filming we had an earthquake. Yikes!

Accessory and Focal Point Challenged Home / Chicago

In this episode the homeowner had a charming home, however her living room lacked color, accessories and a focal point.  With the armoire strategically paced it creates the needed focal point and the unexpected heirloom china on the walls adds pizazz.

Cluttered Bungalow with lots of Big Furniture / Burbank CA.

This colorful living room is small and cluttered.  With the new furniture arrangement it allows for more seating and better conversation.  I added more accessories in a rhythmic manner eliminating the cluttered feel. Plus the artwork is hung at the appropriate height to be able to enjoy it while you’re sitting.

Behind the scenes scoop…this was the very first episode I filmed with HGTV. The cameraman looks far way, but actually he was just a few feet. It took some getting used to.