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Awards & Recognition

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Kim Smart - Interior Designer & Home Style Expert

Kim Smart - Interior Designer & Home Style Expert

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With the expansion of social media platforms, Kim has embraced the opportunity to share her gift for quality, detail oriented design with the world. A lifelong learner, she also enjoys teaching others to hone their creative skills. 


With over 50,000 YouTube subscribers to date, Kim quickly became an influencer in the social media design space. She still makes time to answer as many direct design questions from followers as possible, helping them to unlock some of the secrets of beautiful design. 

Despite the rise of Smart Interiors over the years, Kim has always dedicated time to teaching top quality design principles, sharing both simple and complex solutions to questions.


Kim has also embraced the Houzz community, by regularly sharing her designs. As one of the first designers to join as an early adopter Kim quickly gained attention for her stunning designs and a steady stream of reviews from elated clients. A winner of the Houzz Service Award 7 times since 2015, Kim also picked up the Design Awards for 2014 and 2023. 


Smart Interior’s unique and functional designs have been saved by inspiration hunters over 10,000 times on the Houzz platform. She believes that sharing is a natural part of creativity and feels proud that clients so often publicly share their wonderful experiences with Smart Interiors. 


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