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Smart Home Deocrating Tips by Kim Smart

  Pile on the pillows. One pair of pillows looks skimpy. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures.

Leave armoires open. An open armoire is more interesting than a closed one. Let people into your secret world.

Use a real rug in the bathroom instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot. Plus it is more luxurious.

Say bye-bye to your traditional coffee table. The most versatile coffee table you’ll ever own is an ottoman topped with an oversized tray.

Mix up the seating at your dining table. You wouldn’t have eight identical chairs in your living area.

Love your closets. Paint them, paper them and hang pictures in them to inspire you.  Be sure to have good lighting too.

Don’t think about “matching” colors, think “blend”. Good decorating is not paint by numbers.

Tall with tall, small with small, large with large.  It’s about scale and balance. Pay attention to this rule as it will guide you throughout the decorating process. It holds true on walls, table tops and shelves.

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