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I hired Kim Smart before we moved into our new home. Initially, I wanted her help with buying furniture for two to three rooms, but once we started and I saw the results, I had her help me with almost all of the areas in our home. Kim worked so efficiently, understanding my style and the look I was trying to achieve. We went shopping together on many occasions to pick out furniture, fabrics, and pieces to customize my house. She also went shopping for me, found the perfect pieces to complement the furniture, and placed all the accents, art work and plants. I was happy with every single thing she found. She always comes prepared, eager to work, and uses the time extremely efficiently. She has great ideas and resources that she shares to create a custom-looking home. I have the exact style now that I wanted, but could have never achieved on my own. I knew the look I was striving for, but Kim was able to pull it all together from furniture and accents to window treatments and rugs. Kim made me feel like I was her first priority, answering e-mails and phone calls right away and following up on every order. In addition she was fun to work with, which just made it more of a wonderful experience. 

– Allison H.


Thank you so much for helping us with our paint color dilemma. The colors you selected are beautiful. I trust your immeasurable good taste and know you will always give me good advice. Plus, you have such great "vision" especially when presented with small scraps of fabric! I could never be married to you because I would always be saying "You're right!" Thanks for turning us into "color" people. You are a life saver.

– Sabrina S.


I wanted to take a few moments to tell you how incredibly satisfied I am with your superb makeover of my home. The house looks sensational and I receive compliments all the time. You selected every color in every room; the flooring; every stick of furniture; all the art; the fireplace retrofit; bathroom tile; and every light fixture. I told you that due to my work schedule I had little time available, and could not manage the project. I asked you to be my project manager. My only requirement was that you make it look great, keep the costs reasonable, and keep my personal workload to a minimum. You managed the selection, design and installation. You obtained multiple competing quotes for every phase of the project. You coordinated every vendor and negotiated every contract. You consistently negotiated lower pricing than I could have ever gotten on my own! You handled all the troubleshooting which inevitably comes when working with and coordinating contractors. You replied to every message quickly, and you always did what you said you were going to do on time. No detail was too small for your prompt attention. That's important to me. I'm busy running my business, and I like working with well-organized professional people like yourself. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a project manager whose taste and integrity are above reproach. I've referred two people to you already, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to point more of my friends in your direction. Thank you so much for your help, Kim. My total house transformation could not have been done without you. 


– Ken A.


I really enjoyed working with you. I had attempted to work with others on a smaller scale, but either felt intimidated or thought they were just not a good match for me. Your systematic and creative approach appealed to me. I also liked the fact that you gave me pointers and sometimes assignments on other things that needed to be done. I can say "I did this with a decorator" rather than "I had someone decorate for me”. Thank you for your wonderful and creative guidance.


– Ellen C.

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